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Moulin Rouge (2001)


Sample People (2000)

The critics have been less than kind to 'Sample People' - Many of the criticisms of the film are correct; it's a little derivative and quite a messy film - but that's part of it's charm. It's quite brave for an Australian film - it's noisy, colourful and never boring. It contains strong performances from Nathan Page, Ben Mendelsohn, Kylie Minogue and David Field; and a brilliant soundtrack of Australian artists covering classic Australian songs. The film's production design is excellent and the editing and cinematography are relentlessly brash. It's imperative that people go and support films such as this - a low budget Aussie indie pic, because lack of support from critics and lack of distribution and publicity will mean that it remains unseen by the young adult demographic it is intended for.


Cut (2000)

A group of film students attempt to finish a horror movie that stopped production years earlier when the director was killed. Unaware that every attempt to complete the pic coincided with the murders of those involved, the students return to the original location in an isolated part of the country. When filming begins, so do the killings.


Diana & Me (1997)

Australian Diana Spencer wins a competition in a women's magazine, and as a prize gets a trip for two to London, where she wants to meet her idol and namesake, Princess Diana. She goes there with her fiance, Mark, but during the garden party Princess plans to attend, things get mixed up and Aussie Diana gets arrested with Paparazzi photographer Rob. Diana really wants to meet Princess and follows Rob as he searches for Princess Di to take some photos.

Misfit (1996)

Bio-Dome (1996)

Bud and Doyle are two losers who are doing nothing with their lives. Both of their girlfriends are actively involved in saving the environment, but the two friends could care less about saving the Earth. One day, when a group of scientists begin a mission to live inside a "Bio-Dome" for a year without outside contact, Bud and Doyle mistakingly become part of the project themselves. The two must then learn how to protect the Earth and help the scientists complete their mission


Hayride To Hell (1995)

A salesman comes across a girl begging for his help. Does she really need his assistance, or is she up to something ?

Street Fighter (1994)

Based on the popular video game, "Street Fighter II". Dictator M. Bison (Julia) holds Allied Nation relief workers for ransom. Colonel William F. Guile (Van Damme) leads his troops into battle against him. Chun-Li, Balrog and E. Honda are a news crew seeking revenge on Sagat (Studi). and his lackey, Vega. Ryu and Ken are two low-rent shysters who get caught in the middle between sides. Zangief and Dee Jay kiss up to Bison, who holds Dr. Dhalsim hostage to create Blanka, a genetic warrior. Cammy and T.Hawk second Guile. (No Fei Long, though)


The Delinquents, (1989)

A small town in Australia, in the late 1950s: Brownie and Lola are deeply in love. But because they are under-age, their parents are against their relationship and try to separate them.



Kylie, aged 12, played Carla, a dutch war orphan

SKYWAYS (1980)
Kylie, still aged 12, plays the part of squeaky, annoying brat Robin in one episode, alongside brother played by Jason Donovan.

The Henderson Kids (1984)
Kylie, now aged 16, plays the part of Charlotte Kernow, or Char, one of the best friends of the lead female character. Kylie appeared in series one only.

The Zoo Family (1985)
Kylie, aged 17, plays the part of Yvonne in one episode only, 'Yvonne The Terrible'.

Fame & Misfortune (1985)
Kylie, aged 17, plays another mouthy part, this time as Samantha Collins, the sister of the main male character.

Neighbours (1986
Appearing as Charlene Mitchell/Robinson 1986-1988 (Aged 17-20)

Other Roles:

Live and Kicking 1993

The Vicar of Dibley (BBC 1995) playing herself

Geraldine volunteers to organise the Autumn Fair, promising to get a 'celebrity' to perform the opening ceremony.
Finding an 'available' celebrity,however, proves to be rather difficult. When Alice tells her about her cousin, Reg Dwight, Geraldine assumes she means Elton John and arranges for him to open the Fair.
Unfortunately, it's the *wrong* Reg Dwight! All ends happily, however, when a passing celebrity (Kylie Minogue) agrees to 'do the honours'

Men Behaving Badly (BBC Comic Relief special, 1997) playing herself

Gary and Tony (as usual) are drinking, talking about totty and, well things they usually talk about. Then theres a knock at the door, Tony answers it, and its Kylie! Tony and Gary don't actually notice who it is until she leaves - strange!, when they do they decide to well, run after her. Running for only 15 minutes, this episode is still as hilarious as the rest of the series. Such lines as - "Who was that bloke?" (Tony referring to Dermot) and "Your supposed to run pigeons over..." (Tony's line to Kylie when she informs him that she just crashed into his van while swerving to miss a pigeon!), make this episode excellent!

Ben Elton Show 1998 playing Herself

Panel, the 1998 playing Herself